She was followed by me look and discovered just what she had been speaking about. Going through the mass of men-at-arms like ghosts, a small number of enemy soldiers had arrive at the leading for the melee.

There couldn’t have now been a lot more than fifty of those: people in strange leathers making use of their minds shaved, them all wielding long spears with barbed minds. They relocated being a free arrow as well as in a matter of moments they wedged by by themselves straight into Nauk’s regulars, tearing through the leading ranking like it absolutely was damp parchment. Shit. Whom the Hells are the ones dudes? Nauk was losing a lot of legionaries method too soon, therefore the counter-charges he ordered did not dislodge the bastards. The newcomers weren’t putting on the chain that is same armour the remainder men-at-arms, and there clearly was simply not a way anybody utilizing spears ought to be that proficient at killing. Spears were of good use as being a wall surface, to press straight right back infantry or break charges that are cavalry however these assholes were utilizing them as solitary combat tools flawlessly. Juniper looked because stumped it came to anything that didn’t have to do with magic or poor social skills as I was, and as usual Masego was pretty much useless when.Read More