>my husband came home from work yesterday and said that his colleagues had been all talking about the things that are strange on within The Villages.

He states it’s really a community that is whole of swingers. like in people who swap partners. Evidently it’s not most of the residents, but there is however a group that is significant of. Also, apparently The Villages gets the incidence that is highest of STDs within the state.

ETD: any personal opinion about this lifestyle option

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My loved ones has lived near there for a time that is long. I really do perhaps not find out about the swingers, but it made news that is national years ago that there is a herpes outbreak there. We also saw Jay Leno create a laugh about any of it. The people is becoming more rich baby-boomers than any such thing, and because the women can be previous menopause and additionally they didn’t grow up w/ the HIV epidemic, etc, there exists a lot of rampant unsafe sex. I might never be surprised in regards to a higher level of STD’s or swingers. These are typically a personal community and do not want the health dept. in there educating people, either. They do have their share of hookers and gigolos. Someone from my grandma’s small community got caught w/ a hooker outside Katybelle’s (sp?) a true period of time ago, lol.

Having said that, I’ve been up here numerous times that are many it is not like i have ever been hit on by an older individual (i am 27). There is some decent shopping up here and when I go homeward to my children I’d instead spending some time within The Villages than deal w/ the a-holes in Leesburg.

Oh A i very doubt if you can find swingers it is anywhere close to a community that is whole of them. The area is huge and takes up big chunks of 3 counties. There cannot be that much Viagra into the world. right?

note that’s the purpose. There are no known facts, and that’s why I am ASKING.Read More