Divorced, Reformed and Remarried. How I found my hubby and a critique of on-line “Christian” dating in mid-life
the trials, hardships and joys of our own 2nd times around

Fall-in love for the right factors. Find goodness’s fit available. Adult dating sites beckoned myself with hope-filled slogans such as from eHarmony and Christian Mingle. As clouds of doubt about remarriage after divorce proceedings folded out, we pondered a new concern: As a Christian, could be the websites a proper venue for seeking a mate? Will it be pressuring activities, a kind of control or control by my own will likely and desires? All things considered, whether or not it’s goodness’s might in my situation having another husband, the guy could easily plop one to my home, right? Where can I perhaps fulfill this people, or, exactly how could this challenging godly people select me?

Whoso findeth a girlfriend findeth the best thing, and obtaineth favour associated with Lord. Proverbs 18:22

I thought it could be nothing lacking a miracle to remarry.Read More