In regards to a thirty days ago there was a write-up on All Over Albany in regards to a new online dating service being developed called Opposites Connect.

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Opposites Connect

The gist of the web site goes off the premise of “opposites attract.” I believe it is an idea that is brilliant! The creator Larry Wilson is scheduled to introduce the website on June first. If you register on the internet site now you’ll get a membership that is free life.

Early in the day tonight we stumbled upon the Opposites Connect Faceb k Fan webpage and started studying the status messages. They inquire in their status messages such as for instance “Heinz or Hunts?” “Mary Ann or Ginger?” “Partridge Family or Brady Bunch.” The one that caught my eye however was this “What sticks out in your thoughts since the most notable, interesting, special minute of the recent date, or any date you’ve been on?”

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