He’s semi-famous to be flat-out wrong about planet

A Whidbey Island citizen is people that are telling the whole world which our earth just isn’t a world.

In the grocery store, Mark Sargent might look like merely another old man in range.

Inside the automobile, not really much. The permit dish on their Chrysler that is white sedan “ITS FLAT.”

The Whidbey Island guy is internationally renowned for saying the whole world is n’t round.

What’s up with this?

Sargent is just a runner that is front flat-Earthers regarding the world, or disk, or whatever it really is that keeps us from jumping up to Mars.

Not too he thinks in Mars.

“The entire Apollo system is just a fabrication. NASA is made to help keep this thing under wraps,” said Sargent, 50. “We tend to be residing in a framework, a planetarium, a terrarium, a Hollywood back lot, like ‘The Truman Show.’ ”

The top is much like a supper asian wife dish, he stated, with Washington sitting close to the center and Antarctica a rim that is frosty. With no, it does not spin.

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As well as his “Flat Earth Clues” YouTube video clip station with 70,000 readers, he does a radio tv show and penned a novel.Read More