You get relationship factors for talking to villagers at Festivals,

exactly like any non-festival time. Three festivals might have unique consequence on friendship guidelines with villagers:

  • The Flower dancing increase relationship 250 factors (one heart) together with your dance partner, unless the companion try locked at eight minds ahead of time.
  • The Luau increases or lessening relationship things with many villagers (all except Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, and Dwarf).
  • The gifts your key pal during the Feast regarding the winter months Superstar deserves 5x the regular level of relationship information.

Furthermore, offering merchandise to villagers at the nights markets will increase relationship together, in the same way since it do beyond festivals.

Bulletin Board Packages

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Completing all Bulletin panel packages improves the pro’s friendship rank with non-datable villagers by two hearts (500 information).Read More