Although people prefer to appear straight at every additional during intercourse, trying a posture

LOVERS may be striving to keep the flames alive after spending months at your home collectively, but help is available.

Nowadays was state Sex Day – and exactly what better reason could truth be told there feel to experience multiple sexy ideas?

The Sun’s Dr Pam Spurr states: “Start with a little flirting followed closely by mild guidelines to use something new.”

Here, several top sexperts determine Rebecca Pocklington tips on how to journey to love city during lockdown which includes sizzling spots and role-play recommendations.

Armchair Warrior

Lockdown possess created partners investing additional time watching telly to their sofas and armchairs – so why not utilize the upholstery for gender as well?

Sex specialist Kate Taylor claims: “Get your guy to sit down on couch as regular. Then take a seat on his lap, facing from him.

“This is a straightforward twist on reverse cowgirl, plus it’s an excellent option for letting you manage the angle and rate.Read More