It’s a gorgeous day in Swan Valley, Idaho — perfect for floating and fishing the Southern Fork of this Snake River.

Temps have been in the 80s, the skies cobalt blue, and I also experience a novelty helmet traveling overhead as we turn the corner in the Southern Fork and tuck right into a willow-lined side channel, an oxbow regarding the river that is big.

Within the secluded part channel, mayflies are dancing in the water’s surface, but I’m fishing having a Dave’s hopper as it’s warm and sunny. Throw the Yellowstone fine-spotted cutthroats a hunk that is big of! What on earth!

A view associated with Snake River near Swan Valley. Picture Credit Idaho Tourism.

I cast about 30 legs downriver up to a subtle eddy line with my fly rod. The sunlight that is brilliant on the water and lights up the yellowish and red human body for the hopper.Read More