computer extremely sluggish and takes long to load any programs

my laptop computer was operating slow and takes over 30min to load any program. i need help please

it has been 3 times since I opened it still perhaps not loaded

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When had been the last time your laptop computer possessed a virus scan or disk defragment? What about the deletion of un-needed programs that could be running the background?

My recommendation is to do the immediate following

1 Uninstall undesired or unused programs (control panel>Install/uninstall programs). My general rule is I delete it if I don’t recognize the program name. Execute a restart when you’re done here.

2 Defragment your hard drive. (start programs that are menu>all accessories>System T ls>Disk Defragmentor>Defragment Disk). This operation can take a while so perhaps allow it to be a process that is overnight.

3 You will need to download and install a well underst d virus scan program (like McAfee) and run it to be sure you will findn’t any apparent viruses on your computer. I would suggest uninstalling this system if you are done t , simply because they have a tendency to have a amount that is fair of on their own.

If these do not work, you’ll get one of these re-install that is full of OS and maybe even cleaning your laptop computer’s internals. My old laptop ran super sluggish it ran better after a quick clean because it was over heating and.

There are lots of other prospective recommendations but hopefully this can be a g d begin!

Have done this and still slow, no anything or virus and still doing the same. More to this issue compared to same old answers that people repeat..Read More