Within the last few four years, my personal closet provides slowly started bought out by one brand name in particular: Flint and Tinder

Within the last few few years, my personal closet has actually slowly become taken over by one brand particularly: Flint and Tinder. Just about every day, available myself in at least one bit created by them a€” whether it is shorts, a shirt, a jacket, or even underwear. Their particular clothing hit the perfect balance between features, style, and comfortability. Plus, everything is 100per cent built in the united states.

Particularly come trip, you can entirely outfit your self with Flint and Tinder wears. And thus below we present that: two different fall get-ups that feature the best of Flint and Tindera€™s offerings.

Get-up #1

1. The Water Coat: Ridge Layer. This brand-new offering from F&T requires suggestions from both cover jackets and hill parkas. Japan nylon is actually water- and tear-resistant, but ita€™s also just dang hot for chilly, damp time in autumn and winter.Read More